The original motivational speaker

See this filthy stable? That’s where I was born. I keep a picture of it wherever I go in the world (I travel A LOT), to keep my feet grounded.
Yes. I was literally born in a manger and now I have one of the worlds largest followings and use my financial freedom to help others achieve their goals in life.

But it wasn’t always like this, no sir.

My father was quite distant. You could say I never had a childhood. After working as a humble carpenter for many years, I began to wonder if there was more to life. I knew that destiny had bigger plans for me but was frustrated it wasn’t happening as quick as I liked. I knew I just needed a start, something to build from. I just needed a break. Does this sound familiar?

Read on to discover how just a simple 10 point plan led to my miraculous breakthrough, and how it can for you too.

Believe it or not, I started with only 12 followers. But I was determined to add value to every single one of their lives and sharing the passion I had for the fundamentals of human growth was the way I did it. My 12 followers, empowered by the value added to their lives and by using my content commandments, became producers themselves of visionary content, helping people succeed in a way I could never imagine. The books produced by my followers are among the most shared content of all time, and are currently being banned in several countries for the success they bring to ordinary people like yourself (Bosses hate me!). My followers are household names – and now its your turn to follow in their footsteps.

Do you have faith in your destiny? Feeling unloved by your current boss? Would you like to tell your money lender goodbye for good? For a limited 3 day window, I am offering my Inspiring Content Creation blueprint for free – but only for those who are truly entrepreneurial in spirit. These simple but scalable rules for personal growth are so strong they guarantee to bring you streams of followers eager to do business with you. Adaptable enough for all types of niches, these seemingly miraculous hacks will find you clients from all walks of life who will not know how they lived without your value.

Yes, all it takes is one private message to me and I will send you the material for free. No strings attached, no payment in this lifetime. In this easy to understand, absolutely free course I will go through, step by step, how I became THE king of all life coaches. Learn how to –

  • Create evergreen content that can generate interest for thousands of years.
  • Heal even the most broken sales funnels – including dozens of case studies you need to read to believe.
  • How I keep my conversion rates the highest of any of my competitors.
  • What words will keep customers coming back – for life.

Dont delay – this is a once in a lifetime offer that can never be repeated. Trust me on that.

Still not convinced? Think that this is one of those pyramid building schemes that have been doing the rounds recently? I understand, after all I have converted even the most sceptical of listeners into content prophets. Here are genuine recommendations from some of them –

“I got a whole tribe of people to follow me – into the desert, for many years – by sticking to these simple rules of content and delivery. Moses, 45.

“I was working as a prostitute before the course. I had no formal education – If I can do it, anyone can. Mary, 36.

“Showing your customers ‘miracles’ creates buzz that no amount of money can buy, now that is what I call a competitive edge. John, 57.

If you have read this far, this is your chance to create your own tribe and achieve that financial freedom you deserve. Don’t delay. Life is short, but failure can make it seem like an eternity. Reach out, message “save me” in the comments and it will be the best decision you make in this life. Don’t hesitate, comment now.

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