Why brand personality is more important than ever

Even the most boring product can now offer self-expressive value with enough customer insight and a bit of brand personality. 


I would wager that those in the media and marketing business experience deeper existential crises than what is par for the course. I hope I’m not the only one that is concerned about predictions of the death of brands for the vast majority of low involvement categories. Think about the homogenisation of products that is occurring from the tech giants as they take away the impact of the physical act of purchase and replace it with a click in an aggregator or a voice command. It’s a scary thought for all, but reassuringly every product is now potentially self-expressive as we continue to over present ourselves, making branding more important than ever.
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Predicting what Google will do next.

Recent articles have again cracked the curtain a little on a great and all powerful search engine god.

This article appeared in Mumbrella 2016, republished unedited here

To want to understand this marvel is no mystery. How benevolent this creation must be! A glimmering golem, giving only those who have worked hard a golden blessing in the form of a top listing.

The spirit of this great brand assured us that businesses that played by the rules got organic listings and the ads were a necessary tax for making sure you got the best of both worlds.

Look closer though and organic is likely not a signal for authentic anymore as competition for rank becomes even more pronounced. Will this mean Google gold turns into yellow paper due to the rules of the game it created and plays in?
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Disgust at digital marketing gurus.

It’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. The disintermediation of business processes has meant that manufacture and marketing of half and fully baked ideas is now cheaper and faster than ever.

This article appeared in Mumbrella 2016, republished unedited here

It has been argued that a certain generation feels entitled, a necessary confidence to have. Examples of excessive successes by college drop outs are a part of popular culture. Add to this often the enforced flexibility and casualization of the workforce, and it adds up to a perfect storm of entrepreneurial opportunities.
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How to diminish Facebook’s power

How to bring down the Facebook.


While I feel the last threads of rebellion against the status quo petrifying from lack of use as I settle in to my third decade, there is one that has been stirred awake in recent times. What would it take to stop the biggest status quo: Facebook? Is that even possible?  I am sure I am not the only one who has had cognitive dissonance with the app, who avoided creating a profile until the self-righteous glow became impractical to navigate a modern social life with. Even the annoying Farmville requests, getting a bit creepy face recognition and so much envy were no match for the voyeuristic entertainment, nostalgia and instant gramming of my artistic brilliance. It felt like a vice, but the price was right, and hey what’s the harm aside from shattering the illusion of being a rebel?
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