Mikko Moisander

Hi. Welcome to some pages I made for the internet. I'm guessing you want to know more about me?

Sure thing.

Currently I am an Ecommerce Manager/Product Manager. I have worked in the Digital and Marketing Space for well over 10 years now.

I love Ecommerce. Without a doubt, it is the intersection of Technology, Marketing, Sales and Operations.

I truly enjoy the challenge of learning the languages of customers, developers, designers, warehouse managers, sales managers for day to day trading.

And if you give me a big project, I get really excited. I love a blank sheet of paper. An ambitious or ambiguous goal. Translating business logic into customer experience.

I've got the corporate experience. B2B - Managing Teams - Budgeting - Reporting

I've got the technology experience. - SEO - SEM - PIM - AWS - Agile - Analytics - Magento 2

Let's talk if you need help in your digital transformation, if you want to sell more, or need a steady hand to guide some projects or teams.

By the way, I built this website myself. Its Next.js running on Vercel.


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