Here's some of my Ecommerce Work.

TradeTools PWA

While leading Ecommerce at TradeTools, we replatformed to Magento 2 building on a PWA platform. This was one of Australia's first major headless ecommerce sites built on Magento. So many other interesting facets of this project - too many to list here.


This was business as usual - Invest in getting the best product photography and data you can.


My Auto Parts This was another brand new build. It involved leading a massive cataloging operation (Priotising product data and photography of a 30,000 active SKUs car parts library). We achieved massive volume efficiently by utilising a lot of nifty automation + PIM techniques.


Hyne Timber My first experience managing a large scale website build. The original design is still going strong - over 5 years! In hindsight it shows the value you get from investing in high quality design + brand services.



Over the years I have developed deep experience with Google Analytics and Adwords but in truth it was combining these datasets with offline data that forced me to learn Power BI, which is a skill that has definitely lifted my analysis and reporting skillset.

Design, Branding + Marketing


I have formal qualifications in Design and a Masters in Marketing. Ecommerce allows me to keep my skills sharp in both.

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