Here's some of my Ecommerce Work.


Most recently I have been leading the digital transformation at Opal Packaging Plus, a division of Opal. Phew, where to start? A niche, aging manufacturing ERP, modern middleware, massive risks with EDI, extremely poor product and customer data. Throw in leadership changes, COVID, agency issues and keeping a $20m site running in the mix. Very proud of this site, and like most things, the front end does not represent the massive work that occured and is still occuring in bringing the data, operations, internal comms up to scratch. This was a challenging project that has succeeded and is posting big numbers.

TradeTools PWA

While leading Ecommerce at TradeTools, we replatformed to Magento 2 building on a PWA platform. This was one of Australia's first major headless ecommerce sites built on Magento. Large catalogue and customer account migration. We moved very fast on this one, capital A Agile. So many other interesting facets of this project - too many to list here.


This was business as usual - Invest in getting the best product photography and data you can.


My Auto Parts This was another brand new build. It involved leading a massive cataloging operation (Priotising product data and photography of a 30,000 active SKUs car parts library). We achieved massive volume efficiently by utilising a lot of nifty automation + PIM techniques.


Hyne Timber My first experience managing a large scale website build. The original design is still going strong - over 5 years! In hindsight it shows the value you get from investing in high quality design + brand services.



Over the years I have developed deep experience with Google Analytics and Adwords but in truth it was combining these datasets with offline data that forced me to learn Power BI, which is a skill that has definitely lifted my analysis and reporting skillset.

Design, Branding + Marketing


I have formal qualifications in Design and a Masters in Marketing. Ecommerce allows me to keep my skills sharp in both.

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